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Gratitude and Love

Dearest family and friends, our beautiful Algonquin College family, to all of you, we cannot begin to express our gratitude enough for literally the hundreds and hundreds of online messages, the cards, letters, video messages, flowers, phone calls, food and the sincere overwhelming outpouring of deep affection and love in the passing of my beautiful wife and beloved mother of our daughters, Solveig Keshavjee.

We have been so grateful to receive messages and prayers from all over the world, from so many that knew Solveig so well and who were with us through every journey and step of our lives over the past 26 years.

Thank you to all of you who believed in us, in all our endeavours , who loved and love us unconditionally, helped us grow and supported all our decisions and gave, and give us such immense love every single step of the way…from all over Canada, USA, England, France, Spain, Australia, Germany (our musician friends), Italy, Africa, India, the Middle East, Central Asia…we are so grateful for your continuous ongoing support, love, prayers and genuine affection for my beautiful wife Solveig and for our family. We have loving memories that will always be with us.

To all of you, our dearest family and friends, your ongoing words, kindness, prayers and compassion during the most painful and difficult time in our lives will never be forgotten. We love you!

I know someday without a doubt I will be reunited with my beautiful Solveig again, our story and journey doesn’t end here as true love never ever dies…love is eternal.

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee (1963 – 2019)

Always loved, never forgotten!